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  • Larry and John Agren, CALPHAD 2002 Stockholm width:800;;height:531
  • Larry and Phil Spencer, CALPHAD 2007 State College width:800;;height:526
  • Larry and Peter Miodownik, CALPHAD 2009 excursion, Prague width:800;;height:594
  • Larry and Caterine Colinet, CALPHAD 2009, Prague width:800;;height:607
  • Larry speakes at the banquet CALPHAD 2009, Prague width:800;;height:595
  • Larry and John Agren, CALPHAD Rio 2011 width:484;;height:655
  • Larry poses a question! CALPHAD 2011, Rio width:559;;height:377
  • Larry and the young CALPHADians in Rio 2011 width:800;;height:261
  • CALPHAD excursion, Rio, 2011 width:655;;height:598
  • Larry and Suzana Fries chair a session in CALPHAD 2011 Rio. width:657;;height:564
  • Larry, Patrice and Michele Turchi, excursion CALPHAD 2012, Berkeley width:330;;height:455
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