Thermo-calc Course at 

Materials Science and Engineering - University of Florida

 January 2003
2003 A. Costa e Silva (updated 11/2010)


Macro Calculates the Free Energy of 3 phases of Fe (HSER is reference) gibbs1.tcm
Macro Calculates the Free Energy of 3 phases of Fe (using BCC as reference) gmr_fe.tcm
Same as above, but simpler.... (set-reference-state!) gmr_fe2.tcm
Cps can be calculated.  Remember, a . (dot) means derivative in TC. fecps.tcm
An adiabatic mixing process... Add Si to Fe and see what happens to T! solution.tcm
How to find a miscibility gap in a binary (Ag-Cu is not that simple) agcu.tcm
Two databases can give same diagram but.... (Look into GES and see the differences!) alsi.tcm
You can also create your phase diagrams to see what happens  (how to use GES for that) hipo.tcm
You can get the same phase diagram with different Gs. Beware... hipo1.tcm
A binary phase diagram as a combination of two-phase fields diagram.tcm
Presentation Part 1 Part1
Presentation Part 2 Part2
Presentation Part 3 Part3
Presentation Part 4 Part4
Presentation Part 5 Part5
Presentation Part 6 Part6
A list of some useful references refs
Assignment 1 Os-Ir os_ir.doc
Assignment 2 Scheil for Steel scheil.doc
Assignment 3 Ti 6Al 4 V tialv.doc